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On September 21, 2017, the Riga Business Chamber (Chamber) was established.

1. To bring companies together, therefore them becoming the most significant partner companies in Latvia;

2. Lobby and creating legislation that corresponds to the progress of entrepreneurship;

3. Support in export (trade missions with co-financing, exhibitions, etc., finding foreign partners, etc.);

4. Educational seminars to increase the competitiveness and networking of members;

5. Arbitrage services;

6. EU funding support for business project implementation.


To become a member of the Riga Business Chamber, individuals who are approved by its Board, and who are ready to demonstrate the compatibility of their existing values with those of the members, can do so in practice.

Riga Business Chamber highly values the adherence to good business ethics practices, the initiative to promote collaboration with others, and the readiness to enhance the Latvian economy with their energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude.

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